Sunday 29 July 2012

Review of Lesson 1 of Intensive PME Professional Diploma in Sugarpaste

PME offer a number of courses and I have recently completed the PME Professional Diploma Course in Sugarpaste.  I did this PME Professional Diploma Course in Sugarpaste as an Intensive 5 Day Course over a 5 week period at Confection Perfection in Barming, Kent.

This is a review of Lesson 1, I've also completed reviews of Lesson2, Lesson3, Lesson4, Lesson5 and of my Final Presentation Board and Presentation Celebration Cake.

Each lesson starts with a talk about an aspect of running a cake business as well as the theory of some of the techniques to be covered in that lesson. In our first lesson, we covered using sugarpaste, quantities required, colouring and coating cakes. We also looked at the use of colour in cake decorating, and were taken through the theory of using a colour wheel.

Fabric Effect Sugar Paste Flowers
Onto the practical element of Lesson 1
For basic techniques, we learnt how to level, split, fill, crumb-coat and cover a round Madeira cake. This cake was to be a technique cake – which meant that our finished cake was a Smorgasbord of different creative styling techniques including crimping edges, fabric effect sugar flowers and cutting-out basic shapes and then inlaying them with other shapes (such as circles in circles). We also learnt a number of different techniques using Creative Plaques, including how to turn them into cut little handbag toppers for cupcakes.

I liked learning how to cover a cake professionally (although this needs a lot of practise) and making the fabric flowers. I grew to appreciate the versatility of what could be achieved with Creative Plaques, although this was an expensive piece of kit that I will need to be creative with to get value for money from it. I did not like crimping edges – currently this seems to be a very old-fashioned style.

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