Friday, 31 August 2012

Silhouette Cameo Filigree Masquerade Mask Tutorial

So to make this mask, these are the steps that I followed on my Silhouette Cameo. I selected a simple mask shape. To make the layers, you need to use the offset tool, but you need to use offset and inset to make the layers work properly.

Step 1.

Ungroup the mask shape. Select both of the “eyes” and use the offset tool at a margin of 0.25mm. Then select the outer mask shape and use the inset tool at a margin of 0.25mm to create the mask shape. You then have two perfectly matched mask layers. Group togethr the three elements each mask layer and separate into 2 individual masks. Repeat this step on your newly created middle layer mask, but using a 0.5mm margin to create the smallest top layer. Again, group into 2 masks and separate.

You now should be left with 3 mask layers:

Step 2.

To add the filigree detail to the top layer, choose a shape from your library that includes filigree detail. I choose Beautiful Butterfly from my library. Ungroup this shape and then move away the outline image. This leaves you with a variety of filigree shapes to play with. I then copied a number of these elements and repositioned them onto one half of the mask, using tools such as flipping, resizing or rotating as appropriate. Complete one half of the mask and the centre section.

You should now have a mask the looks like the first image right. Select all the filigree elements on the left of your mask together and group. Then create a mirror image and place it on the right side of the mask. You’ll now have a perfectly symmetrical image and a completed filigree layer.

Ta Da - The completed Mask Layer

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