Monday 1 April 2013

Card Presentation Box with Lid Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a presentation box for a card. It makes a double-walled base and a single-walled lid, which makes a stronger box more suited for sending through the post. You also need to make sure that you use a heavy-weight card for box making. I use a 550gsm white box board for the base and use a decorative card such as 290gsm Stardream for the lid

First, you need to measure your card to work out what size to cut your box base and box lid. Your base needs to be card size plus 6.9mm and your base lid needs to be card size plus 3.2mm. 

  For example, if your card is 15cm x 15cm, then you will cut the following:
Card Base = (15+6.9) x (15+6.9) = 21.9cm x 21.9cm
Card Lid = (15+3.2) x (15+3.2) = 18.2cm x 18.2cm
This will make a box base that is 15.5cm x 15.5cm x 2cm and a box lid that is 15.8cm x 15.8 cm x 1.2cm.


This also works for rectangles, for example if your card is 21cm x 14.9cm, then you will cut the following:
Card Base = (21+6.9) x (14.9+6.9) = 27.9cm x 21.8cm
Card Lid = (21+3.2) x (14.9+3.2) = 24.2cm x 18.1cm

Having cut your card base and card lid materials to size, you will need to score them. I find this easier using a trimmer fitted with a scoring blade, but if you are using a scoreboard, you may need to mark your measurements in pencil on the inside of the cardstock to see where to score. You are going to score the base twice along each edge but the lid once along each edge.

Starting with the box base, score each side at 1.2cm and 3.2cm from the edge. With the box lid, score each side 1.2cm from the edge. Trim each corner as shown (for the base).

Now use a bone folder to firmly crease each score line.

You are ready to start sticking your box base together. To achieve a lasting result, you need to use a wet glue, NOT sticky tape (not even super sticky tape). Firstly, apply a dab of glue to the back of each tab (as arrowed in picture below) and stick together all four corners. It helps to hold the sticky tab in place for about 30secs for the glue to grab. Do this for all four corners. Your lid will now be complete but there is an extra step for the base, as it is double-walled.

For the base, apply a thin layer of glue along the inside of the top tab. Use your bone folding tool to press this tab down. Don’t panic, it won’t stick immediately. Just keep pressing down and along with your bone folder until the glue “grabs”. Repeat along each side.

Leave your base and lid to dry for 30mins, then it is ready to use.

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  1. Blimey 550gsm! I have troubles using Hougie board trying to score 400 gsm. Thank you for sharing your fab tutorial. I have not made a box this way yet... it looks much posher (LOL) and looks much better than the way I do it.
    Michaela xx

  2. Fab tutorial thanks for sharing ,it looks great

    Lorna xx

  3. thanks so much for sharing will have to give this ago, finished box is stunning x

  4. Great box and tutorial. The double walled base is a good idea and will make them much stronger. I've never come across card of that weight but don't often post bulky cards, it is nice to present them in a box though.

  5. oh my word you make it look so easy lol ... have not tried to make a box yet ... hope you have a great weekend ... just blog hopping about ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  6. Excellent box tutorial,nice and clear x

  7. Great instructions for the box, and do like your finished box

  8. Thank you for the instructions....I've will have a go make it look easy....jx

  9. Great tutorial - thanks. Enjoy your blog-hop in memory of Dec o Cards. S x

  10. Fabulous box tutorial...Blog hopping from docrafts.
    Wendy xx

  11. Really great tut just hopping by from DC x

  12. This is really helpful - thanks!

  13. Great tutorial and amazing box produced! x

  14. A great and very detailed tutorial.
    Heike xx

  15. grear tutorial - and i love the finished and decorated box! fab! just hopping on by from docrafts x

  16. Great tutorial, and very good advice to use wet glue. I always do too! Maddy x

  17. Hopping by in honour of Dec O Cards. What a fab tutorial. The instructions and measurements are very clear. I always use wet glue too, it definitely makes for a better join.

  18. Great tutorial and project :-) Its an honour to remember a member of our docrafts family. Elaine-xxx-

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