Wednesday 11 December 2013

Sneak Peek - Tonic's New Layering Dies & Verso Hearts

Normally it's no peeking at this time of year - but I'm making an exception for these fabulous new Tonic Studios Dies! Would you like a sneak peek too? 
Card Recipe:
Tools: Tonic Studios Indulgence Affections Square Base, Heart Base & Mother's Day, Square and Scalloped Square Layering Die Sets, Grand Calibur
Decoupage: Kanban
Paper and Card: HOTP, feltmark card, mirri card
Embellishments: satin ribbon, jingle bell, rhinestone crystals, pom poms

Goodness, there's so much to show, I don't know where to start - but let's start with the new Indulgence Affections Dies.  No doubt these have been developed with next February in mind, but as soon as I saw them, I thought the effect of a laser cut filigree heart would work perfectly on my Christmas Card for my brother and his wife.

So I used all 3 dies in the Indulgence Affections Heart Base set and teamed it with the inner heart from the Mother's Day set but just the outer cutting edge of the base heart.  On this picture you can also see the brand new Tonic Studios Layering Die Sets. Available in both square and circle shapes and with a bevelled or scalloped egde, each die set contains 14 nesting dies ranging from 2.3cm to 14cm in size.  I used the bevelled square to cut out my decoupage base layer and mounted it onto the equivalent die in the scalloped edge set to give the narrowest of mats.  Obviously, I could have chosen the next size up for a larger mat but I didn't want to obscure any more of my heart die cut.  If you've previously struggled with matting and layering, you will want these fabulous dies.  And, as a really thoughtful added extra, them come ready mounted onto a magnetic sheet and with their own file folder pocket I wonder what that might fit into??????
I'm not sure what is the official name for the card base I made, so I'm just going to show you a picture and describe how I made it!  I die cut 2 of the largest mats from the Indulgence Affections Square Base set, and scored 1 exactly in half and folded it so that it was a tent-shape.  Then I stuck the other square to the front half of the tent.  I used a patterned paper cut with the Scalloped Layering Square dies as they fit perfectly into the middle.   
Isn't this a pretty decorative edge for a card?

This gave me the perfect strong base to add my main focal decoupage and filigree heart, but with them both coming off the edge of the card base in a more freestanding style.

Here's one last look at this card

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I love to know who's visited my blog, so why not leave a comment and tell me what you think of this card, it would be much appreciated!
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  1. So gorgeous. Wonderful design. Xxx

  2. lovely card, these dies look good

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