Wednesday 1 October 2014

Cardstock - My Recommendations

Hello, my name is Dips and I'm a cardstock addict!  When I explain that the picture below is of my current stash of plain A3 cardstock, perhaps you'll understand!
And the above is the slimmed down version - I used to have twice as much as this!

What's the Best Card
I often get asked what's the best cardstock to use, and the answer depends on what you want to do!  Below are my recommendations on the best cardstock to use for different papercrafting needs, if you are scrapbooking, make sure your choosen card is acid free:
To make card bases

Conqueror 300gsm card finished in wove (smooth), contour (hammered) or laid (Finely Ridged), Oyster or White colour
Stardream (285gsm) or Majestic (290gsm) double-sided pearlescent
Colourplan (270gsm) or Accent (300gsm) double-sided matt
Silk Art Coated (300gsm)
To mat and layer
All of the above plus
Mirri or Mirror card (270 gsm), Centura Pearl (250gsm) and Curious Irridescent (240gsm)
Core’dinations Colour-Core cardstock (260 gsm)
To use with Electronic Die Cutting Machines
All of the above but care needs to be taken with Mirri or Mirror card which has a foil-layer (it can be best to use mirror-cut and cut it out back-to-front with the mirrored side facing the cutting mat)
To use with Manual Die Cutting Machines
All of the above
To use with Embossing Folders
All of the above
For Rubber Stamping & Colouring with Alcohol Pens
Silk Art Board (300gsm)
Elegance Satin Super Smooth (300gsm)
For Printing
Centura Pearl, Conqueror Wove & Irridescent, Curious Irridescent, Silk Art Board, Elegance Satin Super Smooth, Neenah
For Inking/Spritzing
Silk Art Board
Box Making
Box Board (550 gsm) for box base
Any of the above for box lid
What Size?
As you will have seen from the opening picture, I prefer to buy my card in A3.  This is because I tend to make my own card bases (often using my Cameo Silhouette with the Extended Cutting Mat) and I like a larger card base usually c20cm x 20cm/7.5"x7.5". I rarely have any waste from using A3 card as I use an off-cuts to create embellishments or borders from my card.  This size is also good for making boxes or papercraft projects such as baskets, masks, easel cards or cards-in-a-box. If you make 15cmx15cm cards, then choose 12"x12" card as your go-to size, and if you make A5 or A6, then buy A4 card.
What Finish?
As a rule of thumb when I want a sheen, pearl or glisten finish, I use double-sided pearlescent card such as Stardream, Majestic or Curious, and would choose this over single-sided pearl such as Centura. Double-sided pearlescent is luxurious and is a higher gsm than Centura, providing a stronger base for card making.

If I want a matt finish, I prefer Conqueror or Accent, but will choose Colourplan if I need a colour not available in the former two.

Using different Textures or Finishes will add interest to a card, especially the same colour tone but in different styles.

What Colour?
In terms of card colour for a card base, I use Oyster (matt) or Opal (pearlescent).  These both have much less yellow in them than either an Ivory or Cream coloured card. Milk is also a lovely alternative too. To me, they are a more pleasing and subtle colour choice.  I only use White if I am also using a designer patterned paper that has white accents in it.

My Personal Favourites
Although I do think it is important to have a wide variety of card for any given project, the selection below represents my personal favourites which I turn to time and again, namely; Cappucino (Stardream), Opal (Stardream), Lilac (Stardream), Pink (Accent), Damask Blue (Majestic)
My Favourite Cardstock - Cappacino, Opal, Lilac, Accent Pink, Damask Blue

For future reference, you might want to download a PDF of this post here.
So what's your favourite, do let me know?  Have I missed anything you want to know?

I've been asked where I shop for my Cardstock, I buy from:

Create and Craft

Crafter's Companion


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  1. Thanks Dips, that is a really comprehensive article. I must try the stardream card as I know Joanna sheen often recommends it too.

  2. Fantastic, Dips, thank you so much. I've been crafting only a year and which card to buy and use has always been a problem for me. This is brilliant info - thanks for sharing!

  3. Late blogger on the hope from DC.
    Hope you have a great craft filled week.
    Nikki x

  4. Thank you for the info on cardstock, however, I have not seen A3 cardstock anywhere, let alone C&C? can you give me a link please?

    1. Mo, there are links to the different types of card embedded into my post. If you click onto the phrase A3 card in my post, it's linked. Similarly, if you click on the phrase a PDF it will open up the PDF file and you can then save it. Hope that helps!

  5. Thank you for this but cannot find the link for the pdf file, can you help please?

  6. That's excellent Dips, thank you!

  7. Thank you for this, must have taken ages.

  8. WOW thank you for sharing all the info on the cardstock Dips
    just hopped over from DC
    have a lovely weekend
    Lorna xx

  9. wow - so if I ever need any card you'll be the one to call and beg? LOL
    wot an amazing range of colours x

  10. I thought I had a lot of card but oh my you have definitely got more than me. Just hopping by.

  11. Hi Dips, like everyone else I thought I had a lot of card until I saw this! I finally managed to get some A3 card at the last craft fair I went to, but I still prefer the really thick A4 stuff I get in our local craft shop, which is below a printers and sells the printers off cuts by the wallet in their pick n mix rack :-) fab post. Maddy x

  12. very informative article - thanks
    very useful
    Linda x

  13. Lol! I have 3 x 35litre really useful boxes full of a4 card, so I understrand your dilemma. And I still don't have the colour I need!

  14. Wow...lots of lovely card...I always looking for that one colour I need and want! Joolsx

  15. I have found your post very useful and informative, especially the chart about what card works well with what technique.

  16. Awesome :-) Im a paper addict! Happy leapblogging, have a lovely week! Elaine-xxx-

  17. thanks for all the information and i have a small(cough cough) supply of card too
    carol x

  18. OMGee Dips - that is one fabulous stash of card! I have found that the Stardream is the best quality, especially for creating card blanks. I use the reverse of the Centura pearl when using lots of ink and water as it doesn't buckle or pill and I have card envy lol!
    Just wanted to pop over and say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my Oldie But A Goodie entry - I love playing along with the challenge so thank you very much Karen x

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